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Four Essential Tips you need to know as an African Plus size lady


African Plus size lady

Four Essential Tips you need to know as an African Plus size lady.

Four Essential Tips you need to know as an African Plus size lady. You must have heard this popular saying more than once, “One mans food is another mans poison“. Well, these African Plus size Ladies are neither “food” nor are they “poison”. They just happen to be normal people with more flesh just the same way you have normal people with lesser flesh and they are called “slim”. As a ma tter of fact, the choice of ones body type(to maintain or develop) should be a sole decision and not of societal opinion as long as such body type does not pose a health risk. Having more flesh than your counterparts shouldn’t be viewed as offensive. Here is a list of things you ought to know:

1. Beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder, it’s in the hands of the designer:

 Your choice of wears says a lot about you. The way you choose to dress goes a long way to determine how you will be addressed. As a sizable African female or as a thin one, if the fitting is not right then everything is already wrong. Your body has a clothing need that has to be satisfied and this satisfaction is based on what fits. There is no need for copying someone if you can come up with something better.

2. Fashion fades, but style is eternal

 It’s not always about putting on the newest cloth in town. The bigger picture is, what can you make out of fashion or trend (latest or past)? Remember that the only thing you should have in mind while trying to come up with the best style is “you”. The only question you should be trying to answer is, how is it going to work best for me as a Plus size!

 3. All the money in the world can’t buy you style, but it can buy you a good stylist

 If you’re all about the money but don’t always know what goes where, you sure can use a good stylist in Africa for the right price. Of course if you can’t do it, pay someone to do it for you.

4. Confidence

Good fashion & style without vigor, attitude and confidence is like a dog without a bone. Not everybody will appreciate you no matter how right you get it so don’t focus so much on people’s opinion but be sure to know when someone is pointing out a necessity. Don’t let anyone beat down your confidence! Always be a plus size with confidence.

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So with this Essential tips you should know on the bright side, In Nigeria and many parts of Africa, many men prefer Plus size or sizable women for many reasons. In some societies, being fat denotes wealth, good health, and prosperity and will greatly enhance a girl’s prospects of being a desirable mate. It shows a well and hearty body, full of life and vigour.


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