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A Guide to a Plus Size Beginners Work out Plan

With this few tips about A Guide to a Plus Size Beginners Work out Plan, it will really be of help to your daily workout and plan for a perfect plus size shape or curves. it is never too late to undo whats done, do not what’s done, can’t be undone. And you are firmly convinced that […]

Health Problems to Be careful About as a Plus size

Generally humans should watch what they take in into their bodies. in today’s post we talk about Health Problems to Be careful About as a Plus size, Statistics all around will tell you that being “obese” puts you at risk from some specific types of health issues. But it does not necessarily follow that being […]

Boosting Your Confidence as a Plus Size

Do You always feel shy going out meeting people? Today you will learn some tips on How to Boost Your Confidence as a Plus Size. Your size is not the only thing which tell about you. After all, your personality alone can do a great job of impressing others.  If your size is making you […]

Tips On How to Make Your Plus size Date successful

Confidence is the number one key On How to Make Your Plus size Date successful . If you are a plus size it doesn’t matter the gender both male and female must still be confident in themselves. You just have to realize how important that one thing is in your plus size dating life. Also, if […]

Have you Considered Modeling as a Plus size Lady?

As a plus size do you know you have chances in the modeling world? If you think so then you have come to the right place. Until recently, plus sized women weren’t welcomed in the modeling world. but recently, plus size women around the world are able to accept and love their bodies with so much […]

Why you should Love your plus size body as lady

There is nothing bad having a plus size body size. I like what’s happening this days, how most plus size are fighting so hard not to bother themselves with what people think about their body size. Instead they concentrate on how to tackle or control their health issues. Most boutiques are now creating plus size […]

How most plus sized women are viewed in the society today

Today In our society, most plus size women are always seen as inferior. People assume that because she is plus size that she is lazy and dirty.  But we have to understand that most times it’s in the person’s nature and also TV adverts has also worsened everything, all we see today is food adverts. […]

The Beauty in sizes

A saying goes that good things comes in different sizes even in small sizes as well as big, very big sizes and sometimes frankly the “bigger the better”. There is an unfair type of societal chauvinism being practiced not only by the masculine folks but even a greater percent of the feminine gender and this […]