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How most plus sized women are viewed in the society today

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Today In our society, most plus size women are always seen as inferior. People assume that because she is plus size that she is lazy and dirty.  But we have to understand that most times it’s in the person’s nature and also TV adverts has also worsened everything, all we see today is food adverts. They use their channels to lure their viewers to always eat. It might sound funny but it’s true.

The society feels that plus size women can do something about it. But there are so many obstacles that keep these women large. Most plus size women are single parents raising children in this messed up world. The children have issues that affect large women and aggravates the problem. In addition, the clothes that plus size women have to wear does not add happiness to their life. Plus size clothing is often hard to find in the local department store which adds to the frustration of these women. Not to mention the styles, colors and sizes not being readily available when needed.

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We live in a society plus sized women are often stereotyped and judged even though no one has gotten to know them. Most of us already know someone who is plus size that do not fit this criteria. I am a plus size woman who has to deal with being criticized and excluded merely because of my size. But when you look into the heart of a plus size women you will find lots of kindness and a desire to escape the issues associated with being plus sized. There is a silent suffering that accompanies this condition. We talk a lot of times about drug addiction but food addiction is I think the worst thing that can happen to any individual. The reason is because society promotes eating. Everywhere you look there is eating. There are billboards, restaurants on every corner, fast food places. Advertisers spend millions of dollars trying to get the plus size women to keep eating. Why do these women fall into the trap? Because it is comforting to know that somehow eating makes you fit in. Food accepts you. No rejection. However, the society we live in often rejects the overweight plus size woman for no reason. It is a discrimination that is daunting and irritating.


Maybe one day we will live in a society that will except plus size women for who they are and not because of their appearance. Being rejected by society is a terrible situation to endure just because of being overweight. I know most would say, “Just do something about it”. Easier said than done. Its not because these women have not tried. But sometimes temptation is very hard to overcome. For some of these women, the stress of life prevents them from completing the steps necessary to protect their overall health and getting down to the perfect size.


I am not making excuses for the plus sized women but I am trying to make it clear that the society we live in is often cruel to these women. There are many cases where the plus women have conquered the problem of being overweight and is on a road of recovery but overall most struggle with many of the issues mentioned. If our society was more supportive of the plus size women then these challenges would be easier to overcome.



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