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Six Ways of Overcoming Inferiority Complex as a Plus-size


Six Ways of Overcoming Inferiority Complex as a Plus-sizePLUS-SIZE INFERIORITY COMPLEX

If you intensively lack self-worth, have feelings about not measuring up to standards to other people, doubtful and uncertain about yourself, this is Inferiority complex. It is mostly a projection of one’s imagination due to apparent standardization by beliefs and socio-economic environment. Naturally, man is said to be characteristically competitive. It is also believed that a bit of self-pity is required to restrict complacency and elevate the hunger and ability to push forward in life but this is not always the case. It is a well-known idea that negative attitude leads to a negative life. All These point out that every living person has a tendency to feel unfulfilled by what they hear, see, observe and experience. But there is a line between self-chastisement for motivation and inferiority complex. Staying away from certain people at the appropriate time is not inferiority complex. It is necessary for spectacular achievement. People with inferiority complex are those that lack covert self-esteem and often exhibit extreme asocial behaviour because they feel inferior and possibly unwanted.

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In some cultures, plus-size persons are body shamed, mocked and alienated. This narrow perspective which is enforced in the view of the people creates a sort of yardstick for human classification. This intensifies the feelings of inferiority in the illusory victims and often results to depression. Man has only one specie (Homo sapiens) and as such stratifications should be avoided based on looks and body type.  Plus-size people who have developed a form of learned helplessness and are unable to transform or have that body they desire are most susceptible to inferiority complex. Also, Plus-size people accustomed to emotional weakness, dependency and fictional goals are prone to develop inferiority complex. The ultimate question stands, is there actually something wrong with being a plus-size or is the belief conventional and without backing? If a plus-size person stands a chance of living a healthy life, fulfilling dreams and achieving goals, what more is there to say? This is a simple indication that being a plus-size is not abominable and body goals should be a thing of personal desire.

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Overcoming inferiority complex as a plus-size:

  1. Understand that nothing is wrong with you. You should only seek transformation based on taste or when there are complications with your weight.
  2. Stop wanting to be like others
  3. Do not worry about what others think about you
  4. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else
  5. Build self-confidence, surround yourself with positive people and quit negative talks
  6. Focus on your positive attributes and develop your talents

The major causes of inferiority complex in plus-size people can be broadly identified as discouragement and failure. The impacts of Inferiority complex are seen in an individual’s overall performance including cognitive learning, memory associations, motivation, strategy, planning, anxiety management, efficacy and security. The shroud encumbering the dilemma of inferiority complex has been demystified. It’s all in your head and your mind is the key. In one word, inferiority complex is a disaster.


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