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The Beauty in sizes

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A saying goes that good things comes in different sizes even in small sizes as well as big, very big sizes and sometimes frankly the “bigger the better”.

There is an unfair type of societal chauvinism being practiced not only by the masculine folks but even a greater percent of the feminine gender and this size chauvinism.

A very unfair preference towards the body size, the societal preference puts every into a size scale – visualizing every woman as a potential rihanna sized. Being more than this size earns you names aimed at ridicule and a subtle condescension towards the person.

There is a beauty in every size, a remarkable wonder in the plus sized women that only require the society sheds itself of any type size preference chauvinism.

Reasons why plus size is better


There are many misplaced and misconceived views about plus sized women, the idea that bikini is incompatible with plus size or flimsy dresses are the opposite of the chubby class – to this I quite disagree, there are several other reasons why plus sized women are not only good but better.

  • Fuller hips

Nothing makes a cloth fit more than full hips on a good cloth. A distinguishable feature between plus sized women from women of other lesser sizes comes from a very obvious reason that the plus size category comes with a fuller hips specification.

Nothing beats a well placed fat on desired places especially a woman’s hips.

  • Curvier

Curves in women comes In all sizes and heights as a determinant and one can assert that curves in very thick ladies are super hot.

A plus sized woman that comes with curves is light years ahead the best of curves you can find, the fleshy gives her a smacking touch of fuller curve that reveals more curvy contours.

  • Better cuddles and hugs

For men folks probably seeing this, you have a plus sized girl friend or wife who you feel is growing out of your desired specification – this is for you.

Hugs has been known to ease stress and enhance relaxation so you might want to rethink just how important plus sized women are to you because as a matter of fact the best hugs and cuddles comes from the best fleshes.

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There are several other reasons plus sized women are super hot and super better so it is important for every plus sized woman out there to be comfortable with their size and not try too hard to impress the world since it’s almost impossible to impress the world.

Stay true to yourself and live happily while skipping the nasty habit of choosing boring and tasteless diets just to maintain a slim figure. Plus size figures are as much incredible and beautiful as any other size out there and frankly it’s better chubby than skinny.

Let us learn to appreciate beauty in every form or size it may appear to us and shed ourselves of this unfair societal expectations towards sizes women are supposed to be.

Like stated in the beginning paragraph of this write up, good things comes in different sizes and sometimes “bigger is just better”.



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