Tips On How to Make Your Plus size Date successful
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Tips On How to Make Your Plus size Date successful

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Confidence is the number one key On How to Make Your Plus size Date successful . If you are a plus size it doesn’t matter the gender both male and female must still be confident in themselves. You just have to realize how important that one thing is in your plus size dating life. Also, if you are a man or woman who is interested in a plus sized person, you must also have that confidence as well.

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After you have confidence, which is the important key and definitely something that is noticed by others with out you knowing that they noticed it, you are now set for a successful dating experience.


There are many ways to find a potential date. You see people every single day of your life, don’t you? Some of which may strike your fancy, right? Why not pick a day and decide to actually go up to one of the people that you find attractive. And for the record I don’t care if you are a plus size woman and the man you find attractive is skinnier then your 15 yr. old sister. Pick a day to decide to talk to him. Every man and woman in this world is attracted to a particular “type.” And it’s not fair for you to pre-judge what everyones type is. Is it?

OK so just start talking to him. Have a normal everyday conversation. If he’s interested in the least you’ll know. Look for smiling, look for actual interest in the conversation, look for eye contact, look for touching (ya know maybe he’s trying to make a point and he puts his hand on your shoulder to do so.) Look for those things. If you notice any of all of that, then you are one step closer to making plus size dating for you successful today. Here’s the deal…..some men and some women, regardless of how many clues you give them are just too shy to pick up on them and ask for a date. This is when you REALLY need your confidence to break through, ok? It’s OK for a woman to ask a man out on a date. I promise you this. Besides if you know he’s interested but he’s too shy or afraid to ask you out, how are you ever going to go on a date with him? You’re not, unless you take the initiative. So if you feel he’s interested and he’s just not asking you out or asking for your number, you’re going to have to do it. Just ask him if he’d like to get together for coffee or lunch sometime. That’s it. It’s that simple, I swear.

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Now with the advice above that’s for finding someone anywhere that you are. But let’s say you are strictly interested in plus size women or plus size men. So what should you do now? Well, of course, they can be anywhere too but more importantly why not think about where you know they definitely ARE and where the other body types are NOT. You know like at plus size clothing stores! If you go to places where you know plus size men or women are that will sky rocket your plus size dating success.

Another awesome way to really boost your plus size dating success is with the internet. Folks there are tons of plus size dating chat rooms, forums and dating websites that you can go to. The majority of which are free at least to just sign up first. This is a major targeted audience for you. If your type is plus sized men or women well don’t you think the majority of folks that go to plus size chat rooms and forums are in fact plus sized? There are tons of these forums, chat rooms and dating sites that cater to the plus size community and their admirers. Just do an online search and voila; you are on your way to a successful plus size dating future!



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