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Top 5 Plus Size Myths You Should Know


Today we will discuss Top 5 Plus Size Myths You Should Know and break them once and for all. When it comes to plus size myths, the best approach would be subtracting as you go along rather than multiplying them.

Myth #1: Wearing plus size lingerie means that you’re fat.

Often times, when a woman is wearing plus sized lingerie, she is ostracized by other people. If you’re wearing a size bigger than most, people automatically assume that you’re a tad heavier too. Wearing plus size means that you have a bigger frame or that you are top heavy. This doesn’t necessarily translate into obesity. There is a world of difference between wearing a plus size and being unattractively fat. Don’t let it get you. Lots of plus size women like Crystal Renn, America Ferrera and (gasp!) Marilyn Monroe are considered beautiful.

Myth #2: You can fit comfortably into small bras.

No matter what others say, trying to wear an ill-fitting bra brings ill effects. It is not embarrassing to wear a plus size bra at all. Take Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha Bra. Most of Le Mystere’s bras are sexier than its smaller sized counterparts.

Myth #3: Being beautiful means being a size zero.

We are surrounded with images of thin women no matter where we go. Fashion has long been a body-fixated industry. As a result, many women have negative body image. But being beautiful doesn’t mean that you have to fit into a size 0 dress. Take America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson. She wears a size 10 and she is proud of it. Going under your healthy weight to be able to fit into a dress is not only unhealthy, but it will also not have glamorous repercussions.

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Myth #4: Being thin means being healthier.

A small frame doesn’t automatically translate into fitness and health. This is a common misconception. Health should never be equated with a dress size. Some people are wraith thin but they aren’t at the peak of health. There are lots of plus size women who are living healthy and productive lives. Being a healthy person includes that you are eating well and that you are at your ideal weight.

Myth #5: You have to measure up against the standard.

Trying to look like air brushed models on magazine covers will never be healthy for your self-esteem. Measuring yourself against unrealistic ideals will make you feel frustrated. Conversely, there is no “standard size”. You should embrace your size, no matter how petite or plus size you are. Wearing plus size lingerie can help you feel sexier and better.

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