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Why you should Love your plus size body as lady

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There is nothing bad having a plus size body size. I like what’s happening this days, how most plus size are fighting so hard not to bother themselves with what people think about their body size. Instead they concentrate on how to tackle or control their health issues.

Most boutiques are now creating plus size clothing which are now in vogue which now is helping to kill the old thought of what people think about fat or chubby people. People are now creating niche for plus size clothing and also topics in which will help to keep a healthy body size. Now size doesn’t really matter.

When you talk about plus size is doesn’t really mean the person has to be extremely fat, Everybody is unique in their own way so those size, we have the different sizes of plus size, it all depends on your body shape. Your body shape will help determine the type of cloth which you should put on. In the past it was really difficult to find plus size cloths because of the discriminating thought which most people had about them. Even if you should see one it would be extremely out of shape making the plus size body size look very unacceptable, people forget that plus size has no particular size, body shape differs. These days most people see skinny ladies and say to them “hey you have added flesh” while others will say they have lost a lot of weight. This shows that body shape differs and sometimes what you see is not what the order person sees.

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Love your body size and let no one make you feel depressed about your shape. There is nothing totally wrong being a plus size, always have that full self-confidence in you. Let’s not be too quick to judge others because of their body size. I see most plus size ladies on the internet who come out to show themselves on bikinis and they are applauded because of such self confidence in them though you will still find critics but the fact still remains they were applauded. One musician I admire most and who has full confidence about his body size is Rick Ross. His a black American Rapper who makes good songs. There are a lot of plus size musicians in the industry but I haven’t seen any with such confidence even when on concerts.

People might think these plus size ladies who show off themselves on bikinis are trying to promote the so called unhealthy weight size. No!! for a plus size to come out to show off her plus size body that shows she’s full of confidence and is in love with her body. With such confidence she is able to inspire a lot of plus size ladies who have hidden themselves because of what people said or what people might say. Being a plus size is not all about being overweight and unhealthy, Please clear such thoughts from your head. As an individual you own your body and have the right to love yourself and the body which you’re in. Don’t you think loving yourself always and gaining that confidence will lead to making good decisions on how you will improve yourself and your health? You have to start somewhere even though you have body issues, you have to realize the body is yours and you have all the right to love it.


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