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The Beauty in sizes

A saying goes that good things comes in different sizes even in small sizes as well as big, very big sizes and sometimes frankly the “bigger the better”. There is an unfair type of societal chauvinism being practiced not only by the masculine folks but even a greater percent of the feminine gender and this […]

Health and Fitness

Have you Considered Modeling as a Plus size Lady?

As a plus size do you know you have chances in the modeling world? If you think so then you have come to the right place. Until recently, plus sized women weren’t welcomed in the modeling world. but recently, plus size women around the world are able to accept and love their bodies with so much […]

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Your days of skipping workout sessions because you don’t know the right plus size gym wear is over. The problem is your clothes, not you. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, workouts or exercises are extremely important for a person’s general wellbeing. Common problems encountered by plus size ladies in the gym may […]