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Welcome to bestofplussize.com, your passport to a world of career insights and travel wonders curated by none other than Saliu Bolanle.

In today’s fast-paced world, balancing a fulfilling career with the joys of globetrotting can be an intricate dance. At bestofplussize.com, we don’t just explore dream destinations, we delve into the art of weaving together a career and travel-filled lifestyle. It’s a world where the thrill of a job well done meets the adrenaline of boarding a plane to a new adventure.

Behind every post, every photograph, and every tip is Saliu Bolanle – a passionate traveler and career enthusiast with a keen eye for detail. Her journey, from climbing the corporate ladder to wandering the cobbled streets of ancient cities, is poured into this blog, creating a tapestry of tales that inspire, guide, and resonate.

Whether you’re a young professional seeking to navigate the corporate world, an avid traveler hungry for your next escapade, or someone standing at the crossroads of work and wanderlust, bestofplussize.com promises to be your trusty compass.

For collaborations, insights, or just a good old chat about the world’s wonders, you can reach Saliu at [email protected]. Dive in, the world awaits!

Saliu Bolanle

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