6 Things You Should Know About Immigration Law Solicitors In Manchester Before Hiring

One thing about the UK Immigration Law and Process is that it’s constantly evolving, making it difficult for individuals to scale through with the same knowledge as yesterday’s.

Are you considering migrating to Manchester? Perhaps you realize that you can’t pull it off by yourself.

Generally speaking, migrating across borders to another settlement can get quite overwhelming with a series of applications, filling out forms, court arguments, and all, but hiring an immigration law solicitor would lessen your burden and guarantee you a fair chance for success.

However, there are six things you should know about immigration law solicitors in Manchester before hiring one.

Immigration Law Solicitors In Manchester


Difference Between Immigration Lawyers and Immigration Law Solicitors

It’s quite understandable to get it twisted about an immigration lawyer and immigration law solicitors.

Both words are used interchangeably to mean legal practitioners certified in the immigration process of an individual, involving visas and immigration cases; however, the differences lie in the name and region in which each name is used.

In this article, we’ll be liberal with both words.


5 Duties of Immigration Law Solicitors

You need an Immigration lawyer because of their duties. Here are 5 duties of an immigration law solicitor:


#1. Legal Advice:

Immigration law solicitors provide current advice to clients regarding immigration matters, including visa applications, citizenship, and compliance with immigration laws.


#2. Documentation Assistance:

Filling and documentation of forms is hectic and confusing. Immigration Law Solicitors assist assist clients in preparing and organizing the required documentation for immigration applications, seeing that legal requirements and standards are kept.


#3. Representation:

In complex cases like status change, deportation issues, and more, Immigration Lawyers represent clients before immigration authorities, administrative tribunals, or courts.

They prepare and present legal arguments on behalf of clients to support their immigration cases.


#4. Compliance Monitoring:

Immigration law solicitors ensure that clients comply with relevant regulations.

They keep the client up to date with changes in the laws and how they may impact their immigration status.


#5. Client Advocacy:

They usually take clients’ cases on personal grounds such as challenging decisions, seeking appeals, or negotiating with immigration authorities to achieve favourable outcomes for clients.

PS: The word “Immigration Law Solicitors” is used in the UK.

6 Things You Should Know About Immigration Law Solicitors In Manchester Before Hiring

Here are 6 things you should know about Immigration Law Solicitors before Hiring:

  • Experience Matters.
  • Specialization.
  • Client Reviews.
  • Fee Structure.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Credentials and Accreditation.

#1. Experience Matters

Before hiring an immigration law solicitor in Manchester, you should be satisfied with the experience of the lawyer.

It is best if the lawyer has encountered cases in the past that are similar to yours, this means that your case is another one of the cases that are pending success.

You can check up on an immigration law solicitor’s experiences primarily by booking consultation sessions or skimming through the detailed client reviews for similarities.

#2. Specialization

You wouldn’t dare to hire a lawyer whose Immigration law is one of the many services they render.

Also, they shouldn’t be found with too many cases at the time you’re bringing up your case, as both situations flag that your case will be treated peripherally and won’t be focused on, respectively.

Understandably, law firms may render immigration law plus other branches of law, but there should be solicitors set aside for immigration cases.

You can find out how choked up or how specific an immigration law solicitor is via client reviews and during consultation.

#3. Client Reviews

What are the people saying about the immigration lawyer you’re hiring? People reviews are a potent parameter for checking the possibility of your cases becoming a success.

Also, paying attention to the tone of clients’ reviews will reveal if the lawyer has a track record of client satisfaction and not just money and cases.

To see clients’ reviews, look up the lawyers’ portfolios or websites.

The best is to ask friends and family who might have hired the same solicitor in the past.

#4. Fee Structure

Know how the limit lawyer charges, every lawyer and firm has a unique fee structure.

Some immigration law solicitors may demand a flat fee payment; that’s you’re to pay up to 100% before service.

Some of them may ask for a certain amount of installment until the whole thing is cleared, and many will draft a payment plan for you, making sure you’re not overwhelmed by the fees they charge.

Paying based on your lawyer’s fee structure will save you both a future of misunderstanding.

#5. Communication Skills

You can be sure that your case is won by the quality of communication between you and your Immigration Law Solicitor, how well they communicate is dependent on how reachable they are and how well they listen.

These are million-dollar qualities you should pay attention to and make sure your lawyer possesses if you must smile across to Manchester.

#6. Credentials and Accreditation

The number of credentials and legal associations that an immigration lawyer has is, at times, a sign of competence.

So, find out if they’re members of the lawyer bar associations in that country or city.

You can check this by visiting one of the Law Bar Association websites and looking up the name of the lawyer or firm. You’ll find out how well the lawyer has been practicing according to the book.

Also, membership in a law society means that the lawyer is up-to-date with the immigration laws of the state.

The Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is one of the law societies in Manchester for immigration advice.



#1. How to get a free immigration law solicitor in Manchester?

You can only get free immigration law solicitor consultation from the lawyer or firm that willingly gives it; you will have to pay for professional legal advice.

#2. How much is an Immigration Lawyer in the UK?

An immigration law solicitor in the UK may charge £18.21 per hour.


When seeking an immigration lawyer in Manchester, it’s advisable to check if they are a member of the Law Society and whether they hold any relevant accreditations, such as OISC registration for immigration matters.

These affiliations can serve as indicators of a lawyer’s professionalism and commitment to ethical standards in providing legal services.