Best Green Card Attorneys in the USA

A green card is an immigration visa that allows you to live, work and study in the United States.

There is no limit to your stay or what to achieve once you have the visa. You have to renew it occasionally. You might want to handle the application process, but immigration law can be challenging. So it is necessary to consult the best green card attorneys in the USA. It saves you time and stress and helps to avoid any mistakes.

An immigration lawyer service is precious regardless of your motive for moving to the US, either for work, school, family, or personal reasons.

Possessing a green card will ensure your permanent stay in the United States and help you achieve some vital opportunities in your professional and personal life.

This article will highlight the best green card attorneys in the USA. Continue reading!

Why You Should Consider the Best Green Card Attorney for your Immigration

Below are why you must consider consulting the immigration lawyer for your green card process.

Being Informed of Various Options

There are various kinds of green cards depending on your needs and situation.

A professional green card attorney can help you choose the right one for your goals.

Allow a Professional to Handle your Legal Documents

A well-detailed and clear document is required to apply for a green card application.

Handling your green card process with an experienced immigration lawyer will fasten the application process and prevent problems or denials.

Having a Representative to Fight for You

You can’t undervalue the importance of having an immigration expert to handle and fight for any issue concerning your immigration process.

There will always be someone available for you to contact with inquiries and to keep you informed as the procedure develops.

Knowing That You’ll Always Have Full Support

You’ll likely need to renew your green card at some point, or you could be prepared to complete the steps required to naturalize as an American citizen.

You’ll always have the support and help you need in the future if you have an experienced immigration lawyer on your side.

Best Green Card Attorneys in the USA

The best lawyers you can consult for your green card process in the USA are listed below.

1. Ronald L. Abramson

Shaheen & Gordon, P.A.

Acknowledged since 2022

Manchester, New Hampshire

Practice Areas _ Immigration Law

Ron Abramson is head of Shaheen & Gordon’s Immigration Practice.

He started his career in the New Hampshire Public Defender Program and became one of the best immigration attorneys in the United States.

He has handled numerous cases, such as immigration, criminal defense, civil litigation, and foreign legal problems, for over 25 years.

Ron has also worked as a consultant for international trade in addition to his law professor in the U.S. and abroad.


2. Allison-Clare Acker

Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP

Acknowledged since 2021

Santa Monica, California

Practice Areas _ Immigration Law

Los Angeles Magazine recently recognized Allison-Claire Acker as Southern California’s Best Female Attorney of the Year.

She has counseled people and companies in various immigration fields for over thirty years.

She also assists businesspeople and individuals in applying for immigrant and nonimmigrant visas in almost all US immigration categories.

She assists foreign investors with specific visa alternatives and also specializes in immigration issues about surrogacy.

She is a well-known lecturer at seminars, conferences, and local institutions on immigration. She has also written other immigration articles.


3. James D. “Jim” Alexander

Maggio + Kattar

Acknowledged since 2013

Washington, District of Columbia

Practice Areas _ Immigration Law

James Jim Alexander is a founder and Managing Shareholder at Maggio + Kattar.

He’s dedicated to maintaining the firm’s legacy of originality and brilliance in immigration law practice across a broad spectrum of specialties.

Jim is widely known as an expert in specific immigration fields such as corporate, e-Verify, compliance, gay and HIV-positive issues, complex naturalization matters, and many more.

He handles cases with a depth of knowledge in search of the best possible answer to a client’s immigration issues.


4. Davis C. Bae

Fisher Phillips LLP

Acknowledged since 2021

Seattle, Washington

Practice Areas _ Immigration Law

Davis Bae is the co-chair of the firm’s Immigration Practice Group and managing partner of the Seattle office.

His area of expertise is providing successful immigration solutions to businesses in the Pacific Northwest and across various countries.

He frequently addresses business and employer associations (SHRM), including the National Association of General Contractors, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA), and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).


5. Misty Wilson Borkowski

Hall Booth Smith, P.C.

Acknowledged since 2020

Little Rock, Arkansas

Practice Areas

Appellate Practice

Employment Law – Management

Immigration Law

Misty Borkowski is a Partner in the Rock office who assists both employers and individuals in immigration-related issues.

She was Little Rock’s liaison to Changchun, the Chinese sister city.

She was appointed to represent the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas on the Criminal Justice Act Panel and appointed by the Arkansas Supreme Court to the Criminal Practice Committee.

She also teaches an immigration law course as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Bowen School of Law.


6. Erik C.J. Anderson

Goel & Anderson, LLC

Acknowledged since 2022

Reston, Virginia

Practice Areas _ Immigration Law

Erik Anderson oversees creating case strategies for acquiring and transferring human resources in the United States and abroad as the director of Goel & Anderson’s Immigrant Visa Practice.

He provides information technology, telecommunications, biotech, insurance and finance, healthcare, maritime, food and beverage, and entertainment sectors strategic immigration planning to clients.

His expertise and inventive techniques have helped businesses establish effective, long-term plans to find and keep outstanding domestic and international workers.


7. Ann Massey Badmus

Badmus & Associates, Attorneys at Law

Acknowledged since 2018

Dallas, Texas

Practice Areas _ Immigration Law

Ann Badmus is the founder and managing consultant of Badmus & Associates.

She feels that immigration is one of the best ways to strengthen the state and keep it strong due to her excellent contributions in the immigration line, advocates, professionals, and community leaders,

Ann established the Immigrant Journey Awards as an immigrant advocate to recognize exceptional achievements made by immigrants.

She also established the Immigrant Entrepreneur Network and the DFW Global CoWork.

She’s one of the Welcoming Communities and Immigrant Affairs Task Force in Dallas city and the New American Economy.

She also assists her client with business law, estate planning, patents, and trademarks.


It is necessary to consult one of the best green card attorneys in this article when applying for lawful permanent residence in the US.

They will guide you through every step to avoid errors or denial.

There is no limit to your stay once you have the green card, and it has to be renewed before it expires.