How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship Unskilled Jobs in the USA

If you aspire to work abroad and the absence of a degree is the only obstacle, there’s encouraging news.

Certain U.S. companies offer visa sponsorship for unskilled workers in various job sectors. To qualify, you simply need to meet visa requirements and find an employer willing to sponsor you.

In this article, we’ll delve into some popular unskilled jobs in the USA that offer visa sponsorship, shedding light on the average pay for these roles.

Whether you’re in pursuit of fresh opportunities or contemplating a career shift, this article aims to guide you through the landscape of unskilled jobs in the US.

Visa Sponsorship Unskilled Jobs in the USA

Here are some typical examples of unskilled jobs in USA visa sponsorship:

Visa Sponsorship Unskilled Jobs in the USA

  • Janitors or cleaners
  • Security guards
  • General laborers in manufacturing and production
  • Warehouse operations staff
  • Agricultural workers
  • Factory workers
  • Stocking associates
  • Hotel housekeepers
  • Food preparation workers

USA Visa for Unskilled Workers

In the United States, visa sponsorship programs exist for unskilled workers, including the H-2B, EB-3 visa, and the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.

These visas permit foreign nationals to work temporarily in the U.S., addressing positions with high demand but a shortage of American workers.

Among these options, the EB-3 work visa stands out as ideal for unskilled foreigners seeking to join the American workforce. This visa program enables employers to hire foreigners for both skilled and unskilled roles.

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To qualify, the employer must have obtained permanent Labor Certification from the United States Department of Labor (DOL).

Subsequently, the employer will proceed to the final stage, submitting the immigration petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

This process facilitates the entry of unskilled workers into the U.S. job market, contributing to workforce needs.

Most Paid Sector in the US:

#1. Hospitality and Tourism Industry

  • Hotel Housekeeping: Hotel housekeepers are responsible for maintaining clean and comfortable accommodations for guests. According to Glassdoor, the average pay for this role is around $12.00 per hour.
  • Restaurant Server: Restaurant servers aid customers, take orders, and serve food and drinks. The hourly wage for servers fluctuates based on tips but typically ranges from $10.00 to $20.00 per hour.

#2. Agriculture and Farming:

  • Crop Farmworker: Crop farm workers are involved in planting, harvesting, and cultivating crops. The average wage for this position is approximately $12.00 per hour.
  • Livestock Worker: Livestock workers are responsible for caring for animals, including feeding, cleaning, and assisting with breeding. On average, the pay for this role is around $13.00 per hour.

#3. Construction Industry

  • Construction Laborer: Construction laborers aid with a variety of tasks, including loading and unloading materials, digging trenches, and maintaining cleanliness on the worksite. Construction workers earn from $13.00 to $18.00 per hour.
  • Demolition Worker: Demolition workers are tasked with demolishing structures and clearing debris. On average, the pay for this role is approximately $15.00 per hour.

Requirements for Unskilled Jobs Visa Application

The requirements for unskilled job visa applications can differ based on the visa type, industry, and employer’s criteria.

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However, several basic requirements are common across the board. These include:

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of qualifications and work experience
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Letter of Sponsorship letter from the employer.
  • Proof of financial stability to sustain you during your stay in the U.S.
  • Clean criminal record

How to Apply for Unskilled Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you want to apply for unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship, here’s what you should do:

  • Find companies or organizations that can help you get a visa for unskilled work. Look at their websites or ask their hiring people about job openings.
  • Make a good resume that talks about your work experience, skills, and any certificates you have.
  • Make sure you qualify for the visa program you want to apply for. This includes things like age, English skills, and having health insurance.
  • Send in your application with all the papers they ask for, like copies of your passport, school certificates, and letters of recommendation.
  • If they pick you, you’ll have to interview at the U.S. embassy or the people they have in your home country.


#1. What Job site to get unskilled Visa sponsorship jobs in the US?

Here are job sites for unskilled United States, you can check out these reliable job search websites:

#2. What are the most paid unskilled jobs in the US?

Here are some high-paying unskilled jobs:

  • Server: Average salary is $12.01 per hour.
  • Janitor: Average salary is $12.09 per hour.
  • Transport driver: Average salary is $12.52 per hour.
  • Stocking Associate: Average salary is $12.60 per hour.
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The United States, known for its abundant opportunities and robust economy, attracts individuals worldwide.

Many dream of living and working in the USA for the chance to earn more, experience a different culture, and explore new possibilities.

However, breaking into the U.S. job market as a foreigner can be daunting.

Unskilled jobs, however, provide viable options for those seeking to establish themselves in the USA.