How to Choose the Best Family Immigration Attorney That Wins

You’ll need a family immigration attorney when you want to claim citizenship in a foreign country where you have ties.

If you’re facing challenges with visa applications, deportation issues, or other immigration-related legal matters, you’ll need a family immigration lawyer.

Statistics hold that the Family Immigration Law is the most popular because people always want to be with their loved ones, either as a natural bond by birth or with permission by law.

Painfully, these processes reek of complexity, and success is guaranteed when a professional is involved.

If you’re in a similar condition listed above, then you’re in need of a family immigration attorney. Keep reading.

However, you should be keen on the family immigration attorney you hire to avoid wasting time and money.

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the best family immigration attorney.

Family immigration attorney

How to Choose the Best Family Immigration Attorney That Wins

Here’s how to choose the best family immigration attorney that wins and a step-by-step method of how to know:

Shortlist assumes the best family immigration lawyers

  • Book a Consultation
  • Look for Referrals
  • Look Up their Credentials
  • Is the lawyer on a tight schedule?
  • Negotiate Fee.

#1. Shortlist your assumed Best Family Immigration Lawyers

First things first, make a list of the family Immigration Attorneys that check out your perceived quality.

This is the easiest process that requires your time for research; it can be asking questions, strolling about for a clue, or storming the internet—most preferable.

While on it, shortlisting your best family immigration attorney will involve a little of everything that is covered in the rest of this guide.

#2. Book a Consultation

From the shortlist, Book consultations with your chosen family immigration lawyer; know their competency in the interview.

You can lower your costs by going to lawyers who offer free consultations. This is best practice, especially when you’ll be in a consultation with at least three or more professionals.

During the consultation, ask to know their experiences with similar cases like yours, ask for personal suggestions on how to tackle your case, and more.

This is how you know whether they’re fit for hire or not. Kindly prepare these questions before meeting with them to avoid being intimidated by their appearance.

#3. Look for Referrals

Look for the volume of referrals behind a family immigration attorney before shortlisting in the first place.

Make sure these referrals are not paid testimonials; this way, you’re sure that your attorney is experienced and can deliver similar results in your case.

Also, referrals reflect how well the lawyer treated its clients in the past, whether these clients were happy or sad—did they achieve their desired aim?

If you’re not sure about this, kindly look out for the Family Immigration Attorney on Avvo; you know if the lawyer has been keeping you to the code of conduct in the past.


#4. Look Up their Credentials

Now you’re grinning over your newfound family immigration attorney; however, I tell you that you need to prove their worth. Look for and gather their credentials as proof of competence.

If their website says something, you may want to consult authoritative sources to validate the attorney’s claims.

If the lawyer practices in a local state bar, kindly visit the association website and search for the lawyers exploited there.

For example, if you’re looking for an immigration lawyer in Dallas, you’ll want to check with the State Bar of Texas.

What you should look out for is malpractices, complaints, or penalties. If the “Nah” are more than “Yeahs” that’s a red flag; run.

For any Immigration attorney in America you pick, you should search the American Immigration Lawyers Association(AILA) website if you are looking for an immigration lawyer.

AILA is a collection of all immigration Lawyers in the US and being a member of AILA means they’re competent.

#5. Is the lawyer on a tigh schedule?

A basic requirement to succeed in law is time for a case. One thing you shouldn’t wink at is the quality of time your family immigration attorney can give you and your case.

Although competent lawyers are usually on a tight schedule, when their schedule makes them hesitant to face your case, it’s a sign to back down.

You need all the time that you can get for planning, making appearances in court, counseling, and more. Anything shorter than usual, you may be heading for a tear.

#6. Negotiate Fee

Once your checklist is satisfied, iron out the service fee. This is important, and it’s crucial to winning any case.

Before a legal practitioner answers your case, you must make payments. At this point, it’ll be clear whether you can afford the attorney’s services.

Some attorneys can help you pay up your fee with ease by drafting a plan about it, ranging from the consultation fee to service rendering.


#1. Can a family immigration attorney help you secure a visa?

It’s part of their duty to guide you on the requirements and steps on how to get your visa to travel abroad.

#2. Who is the best family immigration attorney in the US?

There are many top family immigration attorneys in the US, and getting to hire them will depend on several factors like location, price, and case complexity.

Here are the top 5 family immigration attorneys on my list:

  • The Law Offices of Grinberg & Segal, PLLC
  • Immigration Lawyers USA
  • McGuire Law
  • Cipolla Law Group
  • Maniatis Law PLLC


Nothing beats the feeling of reuniting with family, and it calls for the celebration of joining a family of a different nationality.

It’s worth celebrating when you become a citizen with your family ties abroad, and the process of traveling abroad to be with them was a success.

As simple as it sounds, this process of working things out can be bumpy and intimidating.

That’s why you need a family immigration attorney who can help you win these cases and be successful in the process.

Make sure to follow the steps in this article when shortlisting a family immigration attorney. Good luck.