Zero Skilled Jobs in the UK for Foreigners

Not everyone is cut out for traditional education, and that’s okay, even in England, where the English language was born.

In the UK, there is a growing demand for life-supporting and value-added services that don’t necessarily require a degree.

These zero qualification jobs abroad in the UK are highly sought after.

But how can you land one of these jobs? Well, first of all, you need to be able to communicate effectively in English, preferably at a good standard, and have a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)

Additionally, you’ll need a job offer from a trusted employer in the UK and a UK work permit Visa.

If you meet these requirements, you’re on your way to securing a zero-qualification job abroad in the UK.

Once you have your visa and can communicate in English, let’s explore some of the available job options:


The cleaning service industry in the UK is booming, with an expected growth rate of 5.7% in 202

Jobs in the UK: Work Abroad Without a Degree

You don’t need formal training or a degree to work as a cleaner. Just be ready to work diligently and handle tasks with care.

Average Pay: £10.20 per hour

Delivery Driver

There is a significant shortage of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers in the UK, with a shortage of 76,000 drivers reported. All you need is a driver’s license from your home country and a driving permit from the UK government to start working.

Average Salary: £11.10 per hour


Being a bartender is a socially acceptable job in the UK. Your main responsibility will be mixing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for customers, while maintaining a friendly and lively atmosphere. You don’t need any specific certifications, just knowledge of drinks and the ability to communicate well.

Average Pay: £10.71 per hour


The UK has a thriving coffee market worth £15 billion per year, with over 50% of Brits enjoying a daily cup of coffee. As a barista, you’ll serve coffee in an artistic and creative manner. You don’t need a formal degree in beverages, just the skills to make great coffee.

Average Pay: £9.98 per hour

Fruit Pickers

The UK is currently facing a shortage of labor, particularly in the fruit-picking sector. If you’re interested, the British government has introduced a special visa for fruit pickers. You’ll need some farm training to start working in this field.

Average Pay: £29 per hour

Au Pair

With the increasing demands of modern life, many families in the UK require assistance with child care and household chores. As an au pair, you’ll live with a host family, providing child care while learning their language and culture. In return, you’ll receive accommodation, meals, and a monthly stipend.

Average Pay: £20 per hour


The demand for nannies in the UK is high, driven by factors such as the pandemic, Brexit, and the cost of child care services.

You don’t need a degree, but you should have a genuine love for children and the ability to keep them happy and comfortable. Some basic skills, such as knowing nursery rhymes and playing the piano, can be beneficial.

Average Pay: £14 per hour

Additional Information

Are you interested in other zero qualification jobs abroad in the UK?

There are many options to explore, including caregiver, family support, farm hand, teaching English, hostel worker, and cruise ship worker, among others.

PS: You cannot upgrade or switch from one UK Visa to another. Each visa has its specific purpose, and you need to apply for the appropriate visa for your desired job.

Also, keep in mind that it’s essential to adhere to visa regulations. Overstaying your visa without reasonable cause is a criminal offense under the Immigration Act 1971. You have 30 days to leave the UK after your visa expires or risk being deported.


What other types of zero qualification jobs are available in the UK?

The list of zero qualification jobs in the UK is vast and diverse. Some other options include caregiver roles, family support positions, farm hands, teaching English, hostel workers, and opportunities on cruise ships, among others.

Can I upgrade my Visa to a work permit Visa?

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade or switch from one UK Visa to another. Each Visa serves a specific purpose, and a different application is required for each type of entry.

Can I stay in the UK after my Visa has expired?

No, it is illegal to overstay your Visa in the UK without reasonable cause. Section 24 of the Immigration Act 1971 makes it a criminal offense. You have 30 days to leave the UK after your Visa expires, or you may face deportation and be barred from reentering the UK.


It is indeed possible to find a job in the UK without a degree. As long as you have a good command of the English language and meet the necessary requirements, you can pursue one of the available zero qualification jobs abroad in the UK.

If you’re uncertain about which job to pursue, starting as a fruit picker can be a great option.

Don’t hesitate to make your move and explore the opportunities waiting for you.