High indemand UK Jobs for Nigerians Abroad

Nigeria and the UK share a robust diplomatic relationship; however, it is essential to understand the legal protocols governing job opportunities and requirements for Nigerians seeking employment in the UK.

Obtaining high-paying jobs in the UK can be a seamless process if you adhere to the correct procedures.

In this guide, i will walk you through the various job opportunities available in the UK and the specific requirements for Nigerians seeking employment abroad.

Let’s delve into it.

Exploring UK Job Opportunities and Requirements for Nigerians Abroad

As always, first, secure a Job. Before applying for a UK work permit or skilled worker visa (formerly known as the tier 2 visa), it is crucial to have a job offer from an authorized UK company.

UK Job Opportunities and Requirements for Nigerians Abroad

This step serves as the foundation for your journey towards employment in the UK.

Applying for the Skilled Worker Visa

The UK skilled worker visa is the official work permit granted by the UK government to foreign nationals who wish to live and work in the country.

It allows you to reside and work in the UK for a period of five years, which can be renewed upon expiration.

To qualify for the skilled worker visa, you need to score a minimum of 70 points in the UK’s Points-Based Assessment System and meet other specified requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for UK Work Permit

To be eligible to apply for a UK work permit, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Score a total of 70 points on the Points-Based Assessment System.
  • Secure a job offer from an authorized employer in the UK.
  • Meet the required financial criteria.
  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree and possess two years of relevant work experience in your field.

Necessary Documents for Work Permit Application

Once you are eligible to apply for the UK skilled worker visa or work permit, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Valid international passport or ID card.
  • Proof of English proficiency test results.
  • Job title and estimated annual pay.
  • Job occupation code.
  • Employer organization’s name and license number.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) reference number.
  • Proof of financial capability to support yourself in the UK.
  • Medical report or test results.
  • Police statement from your home country.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Travel itinerary.
  • Evidence of UK visa fee payment.
  • Completed UK visa application form.

How to Find a Job in the UK from Nigeria

To secure your desired job in the UK while in Nigeria, follow these steps:

  • Ensure you meet the job requirements by thoroughly researching the position you are interested in.
  • Update your CV to align with the UK’s standards. Use a chronological format, adhere to British English, keep it concise (ideally one page), and avoid including a photo.
  • Craft a compelling cover letter that focuses on how your skills and knowledge can contribute to the prospective employer’s success. Customize it to meet the UK’s standards, including proper formatting and addressing etiquette.
  • Utilize online resources such as job search platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, Reed, Glassdoor, or explore UK recruiting agencies such as Hays, The Flame Lily, MCK Recruitment, Pearl, Airswift, Impellam Group, and more.


What are the top 10 high-demand jobs in the UK for 2023?

The high-demand jobs in the UK for 2023 encompass various sectors, including Business Analyst, Software Engineer, Cardiologist, Nurses, Home or Health Personal Care, Veterinary, Store Manager, Teachers, Drivers, and Brokers.

Is the cost of living in the UK high?

Yes, the cost of living in the UK has been steadily rising since 2021. To live comfortably, individuals should estimate an annual income of £33,600, while couples would require around £49,670 per year. These figures account for the expenses associated with day-to-day living in the UK.

What is the validity period of a UK skilled worker visa?

The UK skilled worker visa allows you to live and work in the UK for a period of five years. Upon expiration, it can be renewed, granting you an extended stay in the country.

Can I bring my family with me when working in the UK?

Yes, under certain circumstances, you can bring your family members with you while working in the UK. Spouses, partners, and dependent children may be eligible to accompany you, provided you meet the specific requirements and criteria set by the UK immigration authorities.


This guide won’t sync if I fail to say “take an active approach by networking.”


Attend relevant events, and utilizing social media platforms to gather up-to-date information and connect with like-minded individuals.

Success in UK job opportunities and requirements for you as a Nigerian abroad relies on staying engaged with people and opportunities that provide valuable insights. I recommend that you visit the government of UK site for more research and clarity, goodluck.