5 Places where to find Farm Workers Jobs in Australia – Best Guide 2024

Do the scary stories you hear from others about getting farm jobs in Australia trouble you? Don’t worry. This article will help you find the right farm work without stress.

If you’re on a working holiday visa 417 or 462, you need to do regional work to extend your stay.

For your first working holiday visa, you need to do 3 months of farm work to get a second year.

If you’re on your second working holiday visa and want a third year, you need to do 6 months of farm work.

Working on an Australian farm can be a great way to meet people, learn new skills, step out of your comfort zone, and see things from a different angle.

Stress Level on finding Farm Workers Jobs in Australia

Finding farm work in Australia is generally easy due to its vast size.

Places where to find Farm Workers Jobs in Australia

However, it’s essential to find legitimate farms that treat employees fairly and qualify for additional visa years.

This article aims to prevent travelers from being misled by farmers who initially claim to offer regional work but later backtrack. Always insist on written correspondence to safeguard against deception.

I’ll provide tips and resources to help you secure a good farm job in Australia, drawing from my own experience and lessons learned in 2019.

Types Of Farm Work In Australia

Several industries are approved for regional work, including:

  • Fruit picking and packing (the most popular form of farm work)
  • Plant and animal cultivation in regional Australia
  • Fishing and pearling in regional Australia
  • Tree farming and felling in regional Australia
  • Mining in regional Australia
  • Construction in regional Australia
  • Bushfire recovery work

How Much Do Farm Workers in Australia Earn?

Farm Workers in Australian farm workers are paid based on two different pay structures:

  • Hourly Pay: This is for jobs like packing, cherry picking (using a machine), and general farmhand tasks. Some farms also offer an hourly rate for pickers, which is a positive sign.
  • Piece Rate: Payment is based on how much you pick. The rate varies depending on the fruit, and you’re typically paid for each bucket or tree you fill. This pay structure can be challenging, as it relies on productivity.
  • The average pay for farm work in Australia ranges from $21 to $30 per hour, with aiming for $25 and above being advisable.

In hospitality roles, pay rates are higher, with different rates for weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Typically:

  • Weekdays: $28
  • Saturdays: $34
  • Sundays: $39

Bank holidays often include double pay. Fruit-picking jobs usually offer consistent hours, while hospitality roles may not guarantee the 37.5 hours required to count towards the 88 days needed for visa extensions.

5 Places to Find Farm Workers Jobs In Australia – Best Guide 2024

Here are some of the places where to find farm workers jobs in Australia:

#1. Workforce Australia

Workforce Australia is a government-operated website that lists various farms seeking workers across the country. They provide details such as the duration of work needed, job type, pay rate, and working hours.

Their website includes a dedicated section with information about Australian farm work opportunities for foreigners.

While using Workforce Australia is helpful, it’s still advisable to cross-reference the farm job details with the Australian Government website to ensure they fall within the postcodes eligible for visa extensions.

#2. Backpacker Board

The Backpacker Board is a fantastic website to keep in mind, not just for farm work but also for various other job opportunities across Australia. 

While they may not always feature the highest-quality jobs, they cater to the needs of backpackers, making it worthwhile to explore.

#3. Seek

You can also find farm opportunities on job websites like SEEK and Indeed. The job adverts there are usually detailed and provide key information to help you decide if the job is suitable for you.

#4. Facebook

Facebook is a cool tool we sometimes overlook. Many groups you can join. Post a pic, say what you want, and see surprises. Lots of chances pop up daily in those groups and you could just be lucky.

#5. Ask Friends

If you know anyone who’s been on a farm before, ask about their experience and if they’d recommend it. I got my farm job by mentioning my friend, and since she worked hard, they hired me right away. Your friend’s insights can assure you it’s a real job that pays well and treats you right.


#1. What is the average pay for farm workers in Australia?

The average farming pay in Australia changes depending on the job, where it is, and the time of year. Some farm jobs pay well, and if you’re willing to work extra hours, you can earn more, especially during busy times.

#2. What is the easiest farm work in Australia?

Fruit picking and hospitality are the most common farm work jobs and are relatively easy to find. Focus on these areas for the best chance of securing employment.


Lots of jobs in Australia’s agriculture sector don’t need any special skills or experience.

If you’re new, being eager to learn and a hard worker can get you started in entry-level roles. 

Some jobs, like operating forklifts, require a license and are for semi-skilled workers.

Getting the right permits can make you stand out as a candidate, no matter which area you’re interested in.