How Immigrants Can Apply for Construction Work in Canada

How immigrants can apply for construction work in Canada is the same as you’re to do in other job hunting.

However, this is not me avoiding the context of this post. Yet you should focus on qualifying for the construction work opportunities in Canada by knowing who the construction workers are in Canada and what they do.

Also, the qualifications and pathways to migrating to Canada as a construction worker. 

Of course with a recited summary on how to apply. If that sits well with you, then keep reading because this post is planned that way.

Who are Construction Workers in Canada and their Duties?

Construction helpers and laborers help skilled workers and do physical work at construction sites, quarries, and mines.

You work for construction companies, contractors, and mine operators

Duties of Construction Worker

According to the job, the following are enshrined duties and responsibilities of a construction worker in Canada:

  • Helping to load and unload construction materials and moving them to where they’re needed.
  • Setting up and taking down things like concrete forms, scaffolding, and ramps.
  • Mixing, pouring, and spreading materials like concrete and asphalt.
  • Assisting different tradespeople, like carpenters, bricklayers, and roofers.
  • Supporting heavy equipment operators by attaching special tools, guiding them, and helping with other tasks.
  • Aiding in tasks like aligning pipes and helping with oil and gas pipeline construction.
  • Helping with drilling and blasting rocks, as well as excavating and operating mining machinery.
  • Leveling the ground to specific standards using tools like rakes and shovels.
  • Assisting in demolishing buildings and sorting salvageable materials.
  • Clearing debris from construction sites using tools like rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows.
  • Operating equipment like pneumatic hammers and vibrators under supervision.

Qualifications for Construction Workers in Canada

Construction Worker is a broad term in Canada as there are different types of construction. So the type of worker you are determines the requirements, certifications, and qualifications.

Some job opportunities in Canada like construction helpers don’t require any formal qualifications whereas others like Miners might.

However, for a professional construction worker in Canada, here are important qualifications to look out for. PS: these degrees or qualifications can be beneficial:

  • Masters or MBA: Having a Master’s or MBA is highly regarded for immigration through Canada’s economic class programs.
  • Degree: Having a degree is favorable for construction professionals seeking immigration and employment opportunities in Canada.
  • Higher Diploma (like B.Tech or HND): These qualifications are also valued.

Entries to Canada as a Construction Worker

From over 80 pathways for you to choose from. Here are two great options:

#1. The Federal Skilled Trades Program:

  • You need at least two years of experience.
  • You should be able to speak either English or French.
  • You must have a valid job offer or a qualification certificate.
  • This program aims to make immigration easier for you through the Express Entry system. Visa processing could take just six months.

#2. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) helps speed up applications for foreigners who want to move to Ontario.

Ontario needs construction workers, so it’s a great place to find work or make a permanent home.

To apply, you need:

  • At least 455 CRS score.
  • A full-time job offer in one of Ontario’s sought-after construction jobs
  • Working experience not below 2 years.

How Immigrants Can Apply for Construction Work in Canada

Now that you know what matters most, you have to update your resume, most important.

The following is to go job hunting on job posting sites. You can register with staffing agencies, submit your CV, or build an online profile on job sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, or Glassdoor so that clients can study you.

When you have seen the type of construction work in Canada that suits your taste, just hit the apply button. Provide the requirements and wait for a reply. That’s it.


#1. What Job site can I find construction work opportunities?

Here are a few of them:

  • Job bank
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster
  • Glassdoor.

#2. How much do construction workers in Canada earn?

$45,862 seems like a good guess for how much construction workers make on average in Canada. But remember, the exact amount can change depending on where you work, how much experience you have, and what exactly you do on the job.


Canada needs more construction workers because its population is getting older and its economy keeps growing steadily.

There’s a big demand for skilled workers, but there aren’t enough of them in Canada. 

With only about 38 million people living in the world’s second-largest country, Canada relies on workers from other countries to help fill jobs in the construction industry.