How to find Companies Wanting to Sponsor Athletes Abroad

Nike and Gatorade are giant brands known for teaming up with athletes for endorsements and partnerships. It’s logical because their products are commonly used by athletes, including top-tier ones.

However, if you’re seeking sponsorship opportunities for college athletes, you don’t have to aim for the likes of Nike and Gatorade.

In this article, we give steps on How to find Companies Wanting to Sponsor Athletes Abroad. Following are the highlights of some of such companies.

Why Companies Sponsor Athletes

Sponsoring athletes is a fantastic way for organizations to showcase the positive traits linked with top-level athletes.

Companies Wanting to Sponsor Athletes Abroad

Your athletes can assist organizations in shaping or upholding their image with consumers. 

However, when it comes to sponsorship, organizations have numerous motives for entering into such relationships.

Hence, it’s necessary to ensure that your athletes aren’t undervaluing themselves.

Before Hunting for Companies Wanting to Sponsor Athletes Abroad

Before you search for who to sponsor, kindly make sure you have your home in order by doing the following:

#1. Build Audience

Unless they’re as famous as Usain Bolt or Serena Williams, your athletes should aim to build a following beyond their competition audience.

Social media offers a great platform for athletes to share their stories, personality, and dedication positively. Having thousands of online followers creates an audience that sponsors find attractive.

Therefore, it’s essential for your athlete to actively engage with fans online.

#2. What do you want

Sponsorship deals can mean discounts, freebies, or even cash for you.

Just like any relationship, you and the sponsor need to know what each of you brings to the table, what you both want and what you’re willing to give.

Think of it like understanding each other’s goals and needs.

#3. Know Who To Contact

You and your athletes should check out what a company believes in—its mission, vision, and values.

This helps you see how you can fit in and if you’re comfortable representing them.

Together, you can visit the company’s website to learn about its structure and find the right person to contact.

Reach Out to Sponsors

Once your athletes have an audience, a goal, a company, and contact, they can craft their proposal. 

Keep it brief, around 50 to 100 words, and direct. Mention who they are, audience size, demographics, and what they want.

People they’re contacting aren’t after a life story; they want to know the benefits and costs.

How to find Companies Wanting to Sponsor Athletes Abroad

Here are four hacks to help you find potential sponsors:

  • Scan Similar Profiles: Check out the thank you, media, and newsroom pages of athletes, nonprofits, or artists similar to you. Note down their sponsors in an Excel sheet since these companies are open to sponsorship.
  • Google Search: Type “company’s name + sponsorship” or use keywords like “ambassador” or “sponsored athlete application” to find relevant sponsorship opportunities quickly.
  • Check Company Websites: Visit the press release, press, or newsroom pages of companies you’re interested in to see if they offer the type of sponsorship you’re seeking and how to contact them.
  • Use Sponsorship Websites: Browse sponsorship websites like SponsorPitch to see a list of active sponsors who have completed deals, making it easier to approach companies with a history of sponsorships.

Some Companies Want to Sponsor Athletes Abroad

We’ll be looking at 5 companies wanting to sponsor individual athletes and those willing to sponsor team athletes:

Companies for Individual Athletes

Here are some sponsorship opportunities from various companies:

  • Head Sweats: Responds within 72 hours. Apply to be an ambassador first, then for sponsorship. Applications were reviewed from October to November.
  • Red Bull: Accepting applications globally for new sponsorships. Check their current list of sponsored athletes.
  • Infinit Nutrition: Sponsor a limited number of elite athletes yearly. If you’re not elite, join their Ambassador program to earn commissions on product sales.
  • Professional’s Choice: Sponsors horse trainers and horsemen. No application, but you can contact them through their endorsements page.
  • Merrell: Sponsors individuals and families promoting an outdoor lifestyle.

Companies Wanting to Sponsor Team Athletes 

Here are some opportunities for funding and support for team sports programs:

  • Nike Community Impact Fund: Grants and donations for youth sports in communities with Nike corporate offices, including Portland, Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and others in the US. Also, check out the Mid-South Grants program for organizations in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.
  • Chevy Youth Baseball and Softball: Provides free clinics and equipment donations to youth sports leagues in the US. Visit for more information.
  1. DICK’S Sporting Goods Sports Matter Program: Offers funding and grants to youth sports organizations in all 50 US states. Must be a 501c3 organization and located in a community with a DICK’S store.
  • Xenith Sponsorships for Youth Football: Supports youth football programs at all levels. Apply for sponsorship or join the Xenith MVP Program for rewards.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings & The Boys & Girls Club of America: Partner to grow flag football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball at Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide.


#1. How do you ask for Sponsorship from a company?

Create a detailed sponsorship pitch that outlines your sports background, what you’ve achieved so far, your goals, and why teaming up with the potential sponsor makes sense. Show how both sides can gain from the partnership, like getting more people to know about the sponsor or having shared values.

#2. Why do companies sponsor athletes?

Companies sponsor athletes to showcase positive traits associated with top-level athletes and to shape or uphold their image with consumers.

#3. What should athletes do before seeking sponsorship opportunities?

Before seeking sponsorship, athletes should focus on building an audience, clarify their goals and needs for sponsorship, and research companies to ensure alignment with their values and mission.


Be cautious as the sports sponsorship industry is filled with scams. I once even participated in a vehicle wrap scam for research purposes.

Always verify if a company is registered with the Better Business Bureau and never pay anything upfront just for information.

Sports sponsors can frequently be discovered through local businesses, sports teams, sports enthusiasts, and professional organizations. 

Moreover, numerous well-known companies currently provide sponsored sports opportunities via their websites and social media channels.