How to Find Companies Wanting to Sponsor Individuals

Are you searching for companies that will sponsor you so you can do what you love, play sports, or afford things you want?

Ever wanted to get free stuff just for being you, like famous people do?

You know, where companies send you cool stuff for free because they think you’re awesome and want you to tell others about it?

So, are there companies that sponsor people like you,  it can be athletes, artists, or football.

In this article, you’ll know the tips to help you find companies wanting to sponsor. Also, I’ll be listing some companies wanting to sponsor for free.

Tips to Help You Find Companies Wanting to Sponsor

You can skip this part of the post to the next for companies wanting to sponsor or keep on reading and learn how to source companies that are willing to sponsor your type of personality for free:

Companies Wanting to Sponsor

#1. Scan for Thank you Pages

If you’re looking for sponsors, start by finding companies likely to sponsor you.

Look at the thank you pages, media pages, and newsroom pages of people like you. Write down each sponsor in your Excel sheet.

These are companies willing to sponsor individuals. Keep this list handy when you’re seeking sponsorship for yourself or an event.

#2. “CompanyName+Sponsorship” Formula

Search for “company’s name + sponsorship” or use keywords like “ambassador” or “sponsored athlete application.” This will help you find companies offering sponsorship opportunities.

#3. Look out for the Press Release

Interested in a particular company or category of companies for sponsorship?

Visit their websites and check their press release, press, or newsroom pages.

Look for details on the sponsorships they’re involved in. This will help you determine if they offer the type of sponsorship you’re seeking and how to contact them.

#4. Sponsorship Website Reviews

Review the sponsors listed on sponsorship websites like SponsorPitch.

This gives you access to an active list of companies that have completed sponsorship deals.

It’s more effective than cold-calling or cold-emailing companies where you’re unsure of their sponsorship history.

Companies Wanting To Sponsor Individual Locally

Here is a list of companies that are willing to sponsor athletes like yourself so that you can go on with the soft life:

#1. promptly reviews sponsorship requests within 72 hours. 

Athletes must first apply to be ambassadors before seeking sponsorship, with application reviews taking place between October and November.

#2. Infinit Nutrition

Infinit Nutrition looks for athletes willing to promote their brand. 

Though they only sponsor a few elite athletes annually, if you’re not among them, you can explore their Ambassador program. 

By joining, you can earn a commission on Infinit products sold through your referral link.

#3. Red Bull

Red Bull has been making energy drinks since the 1980s. It supports athletes in different sports like cliff diving, surfing, skiing, cycling, and running. 

You can find online profiles of these athletes and learn about how they train, eat, and become pros.

#4. HyperX

HyperX sells gear like headsets, keyboards, monitors, and mice made for gamers. They have the HyperX Partner Program for streamers and content creators. 

It lets them earn commission, get gear, and build their following. You can apply online to join. 

After approval, you can move up through four participation levels.

#5. The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant supports young, emerging artists worldwide.

They’ve awarded 1,800 grants across 40 countries. Your first grant can be CAD 15,000, with subsequent grants at $18,000 each (up to three grants in a lifetime). 

Eligible art styles include representational painting, drawing, sculpture, or printmaking.

#6. The National Parks Artist in Residence Program

The National Parks Artist in Residence Program provides opportunities for visual artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives.

Programs last 2 to 4 weeks. Apply individually to each park. Most parks offer free lodging. Check this link for more information.

#7. Professional’s Choice

Professional’s Choice sponsors horse trainers and horsemen. They don’t have an application process, but you can reach out to them through their endorsements page.

What are the Criteria for Applying to Companies Wanting to Sponsor 

Each sponsorship program has its requirements. Some may require you to be actively involved in a particular sport, art form, or activity.

While others may look for individuals with a strong online presence or community involvement.


#1. How to keep track of the sponsorship companies I’ve uncovered?

Creating a spreadsheet to track sponsorship opportunities is a smart move. 

You can list each opportunity you find in this article, as well as any you discover during your searches. 

This way, you can easily keep track of the details and follow up on potential sponsorships.

#2. Can I apply directly to companies for sponsorship?

Some companies accept direct sponsorship applications. Look for information on their websites or contact them through their endorsements page to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

#3. What benefits can I expect from sponsorship programs?

Sponsorship programs may offer various benefits, such as financial support, free products or services, promotional opportunities, and networking connections.

Be sure to research each program to understand what they offer and what is expected of you in return.


Many good talents are no more not because they didn’t put in the self-development mojo stuff, rather, they weren’t noticed– no matter how hard they tried.

It is one thing to have the talent, it’s another to get seen and become successful. Success in any field that requires sponsorship is hard and it’s worth it, but you need external influence to push you. 

Yours may be that you just want to live the soft life – enjoying free things by being your own, then you should engage in individual sponsorship opportunities online.

If you’re skeptical about whether a company is willing to sponsor a person like you, –You should look for clues on company websites, such as past sponsorships, endorsements, or partnerships with individuals or organizations similar to you.

Also, researching companies on sponsorship websites like SponsorPitch can provide insights into their sponsorship history and preferences.