Permanent Jobs In Canada That Do Not Require Work Permit

One of the major reasons people move to Canada is the quest for securing a better life for themselves and their families. However, a challenge lot of these people face is the problem of finding permanent jobs in Canada that do not require work permit.

Under normal circumstances, you cannot work in Canada except if you are a Canadian or a permanent resident. The only case where you can find a foreigner without permanent residence working in Canada is when such a person has a work permit.

However, in some rare cases, there are employers who employ foreign nationals off the book without permanent residence and without a work permit. Examples of jobs, in this case, will be remote jobs or some very low-paying jobs. Examples of these low-paying jobs include gas station attendants, security guards in cemeteries or remote places, dispatch riders, etc.

However, if such a foreigner is caught doing these jobs, he will be persecuted and risks jailing and deportation. But does that mean there are no foreigners working in Canada without a work permit?

Jobs in Canada that do not require a work permit

Of course, there are foreigners working in Canada without a work permit but most times, these jobs are actually jobs that do not require a work permit. Also, they are not permanent jobs and they have certain rules governing them.

Examples of these jobs include:

1. Civil Aviation Inspectors

These include cabin safety and flight ops inspectors that enter Canada on a short-term basis to inspect the safety procedures on commercial international flights. They are exempted from having a work permit before carrying out their operations. They must however have valid documentation stating they are actually aviation inspectors.

2. Public Speakers

Public speakers such as event guest speakers for certain events, seminar leaders and commercial speakers are allowed to work in Canada without a work permit as long as their work won’t last more than five days. However, there are some speakers who must get a work permit and LMIA before coming to Canada.

3. Performing Artists

Artists such as

  • Musical crews,
  • Theatre performers,
  • Street performers,
  • Circus performers,
  • Guest artists (performing with a Canadian group for a short time,
  • World wrestling entertainment and similar groups,
  • Artists attending a showcase or workshop (for five days or less),
  • Air show performers

 All these artists are exempted from the work permit requirement during their short stay in Canada.

4. Foreign Government Officials

In some cases, the Canadian government might make an agreement with a foreign country to allow it to send an officer to work in a department of the Canadian government.

In this case, the officer does not need a work permit to carry out his/her duties. However, if the officer is staying for more than three months, he/she must have a formal letter of agreement duly signed by appropriate authorities.

5. Military Personnel

Military personnel who have received orders to come to Canada do not require a work permit in as much as they are under a country designated under the Visiting Forces Act.

6. Referees, Judges, And Similar Officials

These set of people can work in Canada without a permit if their work relates to

  • International amateur sports contest hosted by a Canadian organization but organized by an international amateur sporting association,
  • International artistic event
  • Agricultural contest

7. Emergency Service Providers

These include medical teams, appraisers, licensed insurance adjusters, etc. who visit Canada in times of emergency to render their service. These service providers can be from the medical, environmental, industrial, natural disaster or just any other field that falls under the category.

8. Farm Work

The permissibility to work on a farm in Canada without a work permit has some conditions attached to it such as:

  • The foreigner is working on a volunteer basis,
  • The person has a primary reason for coming to Canada other than the farm work,
  • The farm is non-commercial.

The farm owner however has to contact the Canadian immigration office to receive instructions and the candidate must ensure to qualify to be in Canada.

The above listed are just a few of the temporary jobs in Canada that do not require work permit.

How to apply for a work permit in Canada

To be eligible to work and get paid legally in Canada, you need to have a work permit, which is an official document that allows a foreigner to engage in employment while staying in inside Canada.

Meanwhile, there are different processes for obtaining a work permit due to the varying types of work permit being a person is applying for. However, most work permit applications require that the applicant (the foreigner) already has a job offer from a Canadian employer. The job offer must however be supported by the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

 The first of applying for a work permit is to the type of work permit that is best for you after ensuring you are eligible for a work permit. Once you confirm your eligibility and the type of work permit that best suit your need, you can then proceed with the other steps in applying for your Canadian work permit.

However, know that except if you have a permanent residence in Canada; all types of work permits in Canada have an expiry date. A Canadian work permit expires after four years and the only way to be eligible for another work permit is to leave the country for at least 4 years. Once the four years lapse, the foreigner can apply for a new work permit, which will also expire after four years. The only way to work in Canada without a specific time limit is to obtain permanent resident status.


Working in Canada has many advantages but getting a permanent job in Canada that does not require a work permit is nearly impossible. However, instead of risking your stay in Canada by looking for permanent jobs that don’t require a work permit, you can apply for permanent residence and enjoy your stay till when you wish. You can as well find companies in need of foreign staff to get a work permit and enjoy working in the country for the next four years.