What you Should Know About Marketing Manager Jobs in Canada

Every business, regardless of the product, demands marketing to drive sales and sustain the continuity of the firm. If there has been any time that marketing is most wanted in Canada, then it’s now.

Canada is among the world’s fastest-growing economies with several business sectors.

These businesses must locate their target audiences, communicate the product values to the market, and persuade prospects to give their money in exchange for the value shared.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds like the work of a marketer. Whereas, marketing on its own may be overwhelming without the guidance of a marketing manager.

Therefore businesses in Canada demand marketing which demands the marketing manager.

In this article, we’ll show you what it takes to secure Marketing Manager jobs in Canada, you may be shocked that you’re already in it.

Who is a Marketing Manager?

The right question is “What is marketing?”

Marketing is any planned action a business takes to make its product known to its target audiences through high-quality messaging.

The purpose of marketing is to communicate the profitable value of a product to prospects to generate sales.

The professional who initiates these actions is known as the marketer. 

Therefore a marketing manager can be the manager that plans strategies to reach out to consumers using different channels to boost brand awareness, leading to an increase in customers and sales.

Or, a marketing manager can be an individual overseeing other marketers.

Are Marketing Managers in High Demand in Canada?

Marketing managers are in high demand in Canada and the demand will only increase in the nearest 2031.

According to the Government of Canada Job Bank. The demand for Marketing Managers has a strong relationship with new business arising.

Also, current businesses are seeking expansion resulting in the need for effective replacement of the current positions. This has contributed to about 23,200 job openings for marketing managers.

It will interest you to know that out of 23,200 vacancies available, only about 21,800 positions will be filled. These are the total from school leavers and immigrants.

This should tell you that opportunities are greater skills supplied.

What Does a Marketing Manager Do in Canada?

The job, task, or responsibilities of a marketing manager are dependent on the type of marketing manager’s job and the firm’s delegations. However, here are a few:

Marketing Manager Jobs

#1. Designing and Managing Marketing Campaigns

It is your duty as marketing manager to conduct market research, seeking new ideas on best marketing strategies. This involves studying competitors, finding out customer’s pain points, and crafting campaigns that soothe them.

#2. Effecting New Marketing Strategies

You’re to follow the thought plan of our organization. The director creates the majority of the marketing strategies, while you execute them by engaging best practices and Marketing roadmaps to effect tremendous results.

#3. Overseeing the Creation of Campaigns and Content

To help your business gain an advantage over its competitors, you’re to supervise the campaign creation process ranging from ideation to execution.

In the process, you make certain that the right effort is channeled based on the company’s objectives. You might get complex by setting a strategy, creating the editorial calendar, and reviewing content for marketing purposes.

#4. Handling External Communications

You create and maintain good relationships with external influences.

External communication helps you to communicate your company’s brand awareness and improve sales of different products.

You also build brand loyalty and increase company share by creating relationships with the media and engaging advertising agencies and partners.

Let’s not forget that budget management is an important role that will keep the marketing department of any bust afloat, thereby helping the business remain visible.

Is Marketing Manager Jobs in Canada Well Paid?

The amount that marketing manager jobs in Canada bring is based on factors like province, experience, firm, job description, and mainly coming to agreement terms. 

Although the salaries of marketing managers are different per time, according to the Job Bank, the Marketing Manager jobs in Canada as contained in NOC 10022 median wage is $53.85/hr – you won’t earn anything less.

Qualifications for Marketing Manager Jobs in Canada?

Here is a rundown on how you can become a marketing manager in Canada.

You’re to make certain of the following qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or related field
  • Expert with online marketing and social media.
  • Good at interactive applications and networking platforms creation.
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Established contacts in the media.

What are the Requirements for Marketing in Canada?

Here are some personal skills that will increase your chances of getting marketing manager jobs in Canada:

  • UX design skills
  • SEO & SEM skills
  • Content management skills
  • Social media skills
  • Responsive design/marketing skills.
  • Analytics and tech tool skills.
  • Distributed expert management skills.


#1. Which province is best for marketing manager jobs in Canada?

The top marketing job markets in Canada are Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. These cities have big marketing agencies and companies, offering diverse roles for the right candidate.

#2. What soft skills are necessary for marketing manager jobs in Canada?

Here are 7 transferable skills appreciated for marketing manager jobs in Canada:

  • Creativity and problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to communicate via writing
  • Data analysis and analytics.

#3. How much does a marketing manager make in Canada?

The median wage for marketing manager jobs in Canada is $53.85/hr according to the Job Bank, with variations based on factors like location, experience, and job description. The average salary per annum can accrue to $55,106 per year or $28.26 per hour.


Marketing Manager jobs in Canada are hotcakes. No; that wasn’t for saying sake, it’s a fact based on statistics from the Government of Canada Job Bank.

There’s a prospect of about 23,200 vacancies with only about 21,800 available skills to fill it up.

This entails that the marketing manager jobs in Canada are consistently on the rise after 2031.

It’s only wide that you improve on yourself and set off to Canada.