10 High-Paying Remote Jobs in Canada

Are you moving to Canada soon and wondering what types of remote jobs pay very high over there? I will be sharing with you in this article 10 different high-paying remote jobs you can find in Canada.

Apart from the freedom that comes with remote jobs, there are many other benefits such as flexibility, higher productivity, peace, better work-life balance, etc. Also, companies offering remote jobs get to save more on space costs, staff management and a lot of other benefits.

The idea of working remotely has been in existence but majorly known until the emergence of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Since then, many businesses have adopted the idea of staff working remotely.

Therefore, the concept has come to stay, as the amount of remote jobs available keeps increasing. Millions of employees in Canada started working remotely and the number never stops increasing.

Benefits of Remote Jobs

These remote jobs can be employee-based or freelance based and there are different terms used to describe this kind of job, such as:

  • Home jobs
  • Freelance jobs
  • Virtual jobs
  • Telecommuting
  • Work from home, etc.

However, when you are starting out as a remote worker, you need to get yourself

  • A well-equipped workstation in a room free from distractions,
  • Get a good PC with a good internet connection,
  • A webcam, microphone and headset in case of video calls

Those are just the basic things you need at the onset and you can equip yourself more later in the future. However, all these come after you have decided on what kind of remote job you are interested in.

There are over a thousand types of remote jobs in Canada and every other part of the world but the majority of them are low paying.

Here are 10 types of remote jobs that pay excellently well.

10 Types of Remote Jobs That Pay Excellently Well

1. Software Engineering

Software engineers work on computer operating systems. They design computer software programs and applications. They work with programmers, analysts and other IT engineers to build systems, project capabilities and performance interfaces. Software engineers can also work on a freelance basis for additional income.

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A software engineer working remotely in Canada can earn from $40,000 up to $125,000 annually. Software engineering usually requires a bachelor’s degree in computers or any related field, but they don’t necessarily need years to learn the skill.

Software engineers can find remote jobs in almost any industry such as IT consulting or R&D organizations, computer design firms, companies manufacturing electric products, corporate institutions, etc.

2. Technical Writing

Technical writers, also called technical communicators, are those in charge of translating technical processes into simple language understandable by the layman. They write things like manuals, journal articles, how-to guides, and instruction manuals. They also write other documents simplifying technical and complex information.

Technical writers are required to have a background in computer science, IT or engineering and other related fields. They have very good research, writing, communication and editing skills and are able to synthesize information to help readers understand technical information.

A technical writer’s salary ranges between $45,000 and $87,000 annually. They work in a variety of industries but are concentrated in the IT, scientific and technical industries.

3. Engineering Consultancy

Engineering consultants provide expert advice and solutions on engineering, technical, science and related areas to industries, construction firms, governments and developers.

The job of engineering consultants includes project management, planning technical solutions, building relationships with clients, and organizing project logistics and documentation. To succeed as an engineering consultant, you must have a good knowledge of almost all areas of engineering to analyze various projects and matters.

Engineering consultants earn between $69,000 and $139,000 in a year. Despite engineering consultants working as a remote worker, they usually have lots of freedom and can also work on a freelance basis.

4. Accounting

Online accountants offer financial advice, prepare financial statements and review financial documents for businesses or individuals to sure they are complete and well-synchronized. Accountants taking up remote jobs usually earn more than regular accountants working in offices. This is because they can take up freelance jobs together with their remote job and still work efficiently.

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Their salary is usually around $39,000 to $73,000 per annum.

5. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is one of the best-paying remote jobs online. The amazing part of this remote job is that you don’t need any certification or much experience to start. Remote bookkeepers can choose to work as full-time or part-time staff for any organization or as a freelancer.

Unlike in accounting, you don’t need a degree in accounting, finance or economics to work as a bookkeeper. However, having a degree can set you apart from your competitors. Even though there are various online bookkeeping software, many business owners still prefer to get bookkeepers to handle their bookkeeping needs.

Experienced remote bookkeepers can earn between $34000 and $85000 per year.

6. Financial Analysis

A financial analyst uses his knowledge in helping a business make financial decisions by examining the business’s financial data. Financial analysts help a company determine its present value and predict future business abilities.

A financial analyst is preferred to have a degree in economics, accounting, finance, mathematics or statistics. He must also possess background knowledge in any industry he chooses if he decides to specialize in any.

Financial analysts can work remotely and can be full-time staff in organizations. The salary scale of a financial analyst ranges between $58,000 and $77,000.

7. Industrial Design

Industrial designers work with engineers, production experts and marketing consultants to develop concepts for manufactured products. They develop concepts for products such as home appliances, toys, electronics, etc. combining business, art and engineering to create products that people use every day.

Some companies hire industrial designers to revamp existing designs to make them more eco-friendly and pleasing to the market. Industrial designers can choose to work in offices as full-time staff.

8. Digital Marketing

A digital marketer or digital marketing consultant helps evaluate a business’s current digital marketing strategies and recommends changes and improvements. The job of a digital marketer revolves around helping a business improve its online presence, getting new customers and engaging the current ones.

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Digital marketers mostly work remotely but might be required to visit a business premise to perform parts of their duties. A digital marketer should understand SEO, blogging, organic and paid advertising best practices.

Digital marketing consultants can earn up to $112,500 per year as their work is mostly freelance based.

9. Customer Service Representatives (CSR)

A customer service representative serves as a company’s customer support. They answer phone calls, reply to emails and respond to customers through other forms of communication. They listen to and answer customers’ questions and complaints about their products and services.

The job of a CSR doesn’t require any former education. As long as the applicant has good verbal communication skills, is fast learning and possesses empathy, he/she is good to go. Fluency in French is an added advantage for remote jobs in Canada. CSRs working remotely need to follow a strict timing, unlike other remote jobs. They earn about $38,000 to $48,000 a year.

10. Logistics Manager

A logistics manager monitors the distribution, movement, and storage of goods in a company. They must have strong planning skills, a logical and systematic approach to work, and leadership and management skills.

To qualify as a logistics manager, there are required qualifications one must possess. Their salary ranges between #36,000 and $71,000 per annum, though it can increase with years of experience.


There are still lots of remote jobs that can fetch you an awesome amount of money other than those mentioned above. However, to succeed in any remote job, you need to constantly update your knowledge and widen your skill to stay ahead of your competitors.

Also, some remote jobs are currently threatened by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technological changes. This is why it becomes necessary to widen your skills and not limit yourself to a single skill.