How To Get Employed in Government Jobs in Canada as an Immigrant?

To work at Government jobs in Canada as an immigrant, you must have a Permanent Residence and work permit in Canada by opting for any of the following programs:

These programs are to make you eligible for government jobs in Canada as an immigrant. Here, you’ll know How To Get Employed in Government Jobs in Canada as an Immigrant, and its stages.

You need the Social Insurance Number(SIN) to be able to work in Canada.

How To Get Employed in Government Jobs in Canada as an Immigrant?

First off, decide to live and work in Canada. Government jobs in Canada are for permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

How To Get Employed in Government Jobs in Canada:

#1. Pre-application

Before you apply for Government jobs in Canada, you should be 18 years of age or a minimum of the working class age permit. Then:

  • Create the GC Jobs Account (Government of Canada’s Job account): the GC Jobs Account is a Canadian online platform that updates opportunities to work for the federal government.
  • Foreign Credential Validation against Canadian standard: If you were educated outside Canada, you’ll have to submit your credentials for assessment by the recognized Canadian authorities

#2. How to Apply

  • Login to your GC Jobs Account to apply for jobs and check your employment status
  • When you see a job advertisement, click on the apply link.
  • make available the requirements listed on the requirements list. Make sure to complete and save as you proceed
  • Self-declare if you identify as a woman, an Aboriginal person, a member of a visible minority, or a person with a disability in the  Employment Equity section of the Requirements, using consent option 3.
  • Submit your application before the deadline listed on the job advertisement, via the Submit application link

More information here

#3. Job interview and Accommodation Measures

After the application, you may be called for an interview that involves you writing a series of tests or examinations.

This is to reveal the areas of your ability. If you need special assessment accommodation measures, communicate earlier with the interviewer.

The accommodation measures will be coined to suit your situation Which can include working with sign language and interpreters to help you and the interviewers understand each other.

More information here

#4. Post-application

Your application remains in the Submitted job applications section of your account until the deadline. You can edit or update your application, select “retrieve application up to the closing date” and update. Make sure to resubmit before the deadline.

#6. The Results

The results serve as an employment status monitor. Use the results to review the initial screening results of your application.

The employment agency will communicate with you about the next step of action. Do you have any questions? You should contact the Employment agency: the persons listed at the bottom of the job advertisement.

#7. Security Clearance

To secure government jobs in Canada, you must go through a series of security clearances. The HR or Employment manager will issue you some forms to fill out.

However, the Employment department or agencies will have you pass through a high form of security clearance. The following are the standards of security screening:

  • Reliability Status
  • Secret: Level II
  • Top Secret: Level III

#8. Criminal record check

On successful job processing, a criminal record check is mandatory. This is also a part of the security/clearance process.

You’ll be contacted by the hiring manager for this exercise. It’s fingerprinting before getting hired.

Alternative Ways to Look for Jobs in Canada

If you don’t want to go through the GC Jobs Application site, alternatives are:

  • research for jobs vacancies in Canada,
  • Search and Apply for jobs
  • Talk about it

#1. Research for job vacancies in Canada

You can research working in Canada by:

  • Job Bank. Their services include: free occupational and career information about working in Canada

#2. Searching for jobs in Canada

There are diverse ways to search for jobs in Canada.

Go to the Research companies where you want to work:

  • check their website for jobs updates
  • Meet with employers directly to find out if they’re hiring. Go to job settings in your area where you can meet employers and discuss jobs
  • browse job search websites and newspapers’ classified sections to see who is hiring, some websites are Job Bank and
  • Go to an employment agency to help search for jobs for you
  • Talk about it. You may only learn about some when you talk about obs with family and friends

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What documents to send for an application?

Seen the job of your choice? forward the following documents:

  • Résume is also known as curriculum vitae.

#2. Can I have a government job in Canada without PR?

No, government jobs in Canada are for citizens or permanent residents.

Last Thoughts

Government Jobs in Canada are for citizens or permanent residents of Canada. How to Get Employed in Government Jobs in Canada as an Immigrant is not a walk in the park. You have to get a residence and work permit to enable you to live and work in Canada.

You can find work through the GC job application site or you can utilize other Search methods as highlighted in this article.

Do personal research to be certain of what’s up next.