5 Best Homeland Security Jobs

Have you been thinking of working as a security? If yes, you might be wondering what type of security jobs can make you great money and can easily be found. This content is created to let you know the profitable homeland security jobs,their salary and how to get them. Read on to know more.


Homeland Security is a sizable workforce of a large team of people who work together with the sole responsibility of keeping the United States safe from threats such as terrorism and natural disasters.

It’s quite a job that can be dangerous and also profitable at the same time. Homeland security works to lower the possibility of security risks and address any actual or potential attacks on security. Here are 5 major Homeland Security Jobs.

1.  Secret Service Agent

One of the most satisfying Homeland Security jobs is that of a Secret Service Agent. It  provides a demanding and fulfilling career for individuals who aspire to serve and defend the United States, its leaders, and its citizens. 

The Secret Service employs elite agents who are educated in various methods of protecting national leaders. Due to advancements in technology, a Secret Service Agent’s responsibilities now encompass a thorough examination of offenses and crimes related to credit cards, banking, and fraud, among other financial domains.

Depending on experience, rank, and talents, a Secret Service Agent working for the US Secret Service earns between $105,000 to $150,000 annually. 

Candidates that are interested in  working in the Secret Service agents must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be citizens of the United States and at least 21 years old. 
  2. Must be cleared after extensive background checks such as drug testing, polygraph examinations, and various interviews. 

Secret Service agents are compensated for paid holidays and vacations, as well as government retirement benefits and reasonably priced life insurance.

They also enjoy an average income of $132,000.

2. Information Security Agent (CIA)

Another interesting and available Homeland Security job is the Information Security Agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). An Information Security Agent (CIA) operates in a dynamic, ever-evolving work structure. This agency carried out various security responsibilities such as Cyber analytics, systems evaluation, and network mapping among others. 

For you to work in the Information Security Agent (CIA), you need to meet up the following criteria:

  1. Must be a US citizen 
  2. Must previously had a degree in Homeland Security.
  3.  CIA agents also need to pass a thorough physical examination, a polygraph test, and a thorough background investigation.

 The beginning compensation for an information security agent (CIA) is approximately $80,000, with an average yearly salary of $110,000. A CIA Information Security Agent is entitled to a generous retirement benefits package as a federal employee.

3. Cybercrimes Agent 

A Cybercrimes Agent is a Homeland Security Job that is controlled and employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 

Its main responsibility is to  maintain the security of the nation’s cyber networks such as data theft. To examine potential cybercrime threats, some cybercrime agents assemble response teams that are prepared to go to any part of the globe on short notice.

Similar to other Homeland Security Jobs, the Cybercrimes Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has its criteria before recruiting anyone into the service.

An FBI Cybercrimes Agent’s base pay is approximately $50,000, with the possibility of earning up to $100,000 in the future. In addition, this government job provides a complete retirement plan and compensation modifications based on local cost of living.

Cybercrimes Agents with executive level positions have the ability to earn close to $130,000 annually in pay. The Federal Bureau of Investigation offers a full-time career post with extensive duties for a cybercrime agent.

4.   United States Custom Agent 

A United States Customs Agent, a branch in the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agency is also a Homeland Security Job. The Office of Air and Marine is included in this. The United States Customs Agent is responsible for the enforcement of hundreds of rules related to immigration, customs, and agriculture.

In the many job environments that they encounter, such as border crossing checkpoints, airports, or shipping ports, the United States Custom Agents typically possess exceptional observational abilities.

Being employed by the federal government, a US Customs Agent is eligible for the full range of benefits that come with the job. 

Applicants criteria include

  1. It is advised that applicants for jobs as US Customs agents have prior experience working for a Homeland Security degree, such as a bachelor’s in criminal justice or law enforcement, or a more advanced degree. 
  2. Upon hiring, a US Customs Agent typically finishes a predetermined training course. 

The yearly average income of a United States Customs Agent is $80,000.

5. The Emergency Management Specialist 

This is one of the major five Homeland Security Jobs, responsible for the planning and coordination of emergency response programs and activities.

They collaborate with neighborhood organizations to offer emergency shelter and resources during a crisis and other related disaster. They are always prepared and alert!

Applicants criteria include 

  1.  A four-year degree in disaster management, homeland security, or a related field is usually necessary.
  1. Applicants must possess five years of experience. 
  1. Applicants should display critical thinking abilities, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, flexibility, and the capacity to remain composed under pressure. 

As they advance, they must have the flexibility to quickly adjust to changes, with an average Salary of $68,800.